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Fulfilling the Promise of Innocent Until Proven Guilty


Three things you can do to protect your rights and give yourself a better chance to get the best result in your case.

About Ramirez Law Offices, LLC

My passion for criminal defense led me to start my career as a Public Defender in Massachusetts. And after gaining extensive experience in handling hundreds of misdemeanor and felony cases in Suffolk and Norfolk County and successfully taking numerous cases to trial, I left the Committee to start Ramirez Law Offices, LLC and continue my work in aggressively defending those accused of a crime.

Here to help you through this.

Whether you hire me to represent you at trial, want a free phone consultation, or just watch a video, I hope I can bring you some comfort and help clarify what you’re up against. And if I’m not the right attorney for you or if you don’t need an attorney, I can help you find what you need.

The Constitution is not a technicality.

In the courtroom, everyone should be presumed innocent until proven guilty. Unfortunately, that’s not always true in our justice system. I’m here to listen and stand up to the government on your behalf. As a criminal defense attorney, I know a person’s story is always more than what they’re being accused of. That’s why I’m passionate about telling your story, protecting your rights, and being your voice in court.


Types of Cases Ramirez Law Handles

Allegations of violenT Offenses

Assault Assault & Battery Assault & Battery w/Dangerous Weapon Assault & Battery Family/Household Member Assault & Battery on a Police Officer Resisting Arrest

allegations of theft offenses

Larceny by Check Identity Fraud Larceny by Stealing Shoplifting Larceny by False Pretenses Embezzlement Fraudulent Insurance Claim Uttering Forgery Receiving Stolen Property

allegations of abuse-related offenses

Violation of Abuse Prevention Order Threat to Commit a Crime Stalking Criminal Harassment Violation of Harassment Prevention Order Harassing or Obscene Phone Calls Civil Rights Violation

allegations of sex-related offenses

Indecent Assault & Battery Indecent Exposure Open and Gross Lewdness Failure to Register Lewd, Wanton, and Lascivious Act

allegations of motor vehicle offenses

Operating w/Suspended License Unlicensed Operation Negligent Operation Reckless Operation Leaving the Scene of an Accident Operating an Uninsured Motor Vehicle Use of Vehicle Without Authority

allegations of property offenses

Wilful and Malicious Destruction of Property Wanton Destruction of Property Vandalism Breaking and Entering Possession of Burglarious Tools Trespass

Allegations of firearm/weapons offenses

Carrying a Firearm Possession of a Firearm Possession of Ammunition Improper Storage of a Firearm Defacing a Firearm Serial Number Carrying a Dangerous Weapon when Arrested Carrying Certain Dangerous Weapons

Criminal Record Sealing

A criminal record can have a devastating effect on your ability to obtain housing, employment, education, etc. We can help seal your record.

allegations of operating under the influence

Operating Under the Influence of Alcohol Operating w/Blood Alcohol Level of .08 or higher Operating Under the Influence of Drugs OUI Causing Serious Injury Failure to Have Ignition Interlock Device Operating w/License Suspended for OUI

allegations of drug offenses

Possession of a Controlled Substance Distribution of a Controlled Substance Possession of Controlled Substance w/Intent to Distribute School Zone Violation

allegations of public order offenses

Disturbing the Peace Disorderly Conduct Bail Jumping False Report of a Crime Giving False Name Upon Arrest Witness Intimidation Cruelty to Animals

And More

Clerk Magistrate Hearings Bail Hearings Probation Matters Clearing Warrants Specialty Courts Etc.


We need more hope. We need more mercy. And we need more justice.
— Bryan Stevenson